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The Cost of Living is a local multiplayer game about about greed, sneaking, and observation. Killing other characters and players rewards you with money, but may expose your position to others. The last player standing, or the player with the most money at the end of the round, wins. This was our entry for Summer Jam 2014.

Standalone Windows Build: Download


  • Have the most money before time runs out!
  • You get money by killing NPCs.
  • If you kill a player, you get all of their money.
  • There are two types of characters, you will have to figure out who you are on your own.


  • Left thumbstick to move
  • X or Square to attack


The Blackmoore family has gathered to mourn the passing of dear Aunt Greta. She was a wealthy woman, and that is precisely why you are here today. You never really cared for the old hag, but she did include you in her will.

The Blackmoore family has grown quite large over the years, and this will no doubt impact how much inheritance you will receive. But, perhaps a little bloodshed will help increase the size of your claim? Take care though, there may be other Blackmoores out there with this same idea...


  • Programming by Ryan Nielson (http://nielson.io)
  • Art and sound by Matthew Stones
  • Minuet in G Major Midi performance by Johan De Wael


  • If you have problems with input in Chrome, refresh the page and it should work fine. This is a common problem with the Unity Web player.
  • Your experience on OSX may vary. We weren't able to test properly because our Macbooks crashed whenever we plugged in an Xbox 360 Controller.
  • We tested this mainly with Xbox 360 and PS4 controllers on a Windows 8 PC. Other setups may work, but there is no gaurantee.